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Cincinnati Parenting Time Lawyer

If you are going through a divorce or separating from a partner who you have a child with, your No. 1 stressor and the source of your emotional worry is likely going to be your children. Who is going to get custody? How much parenting time are you going to receive? These are all questions that are common to separating parents, and questions that are difficult to answer. They are difficult questions because there is no right answer. In determining custody and parenting time issues, Ohio courts look at what is in your children's best interests. And what's in their best interests is often difficult to determine.

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What we do know is that it is often best for the children to so see both parents as much as possible. The attorneys at The Law Firm of Tina R. Mills, LLC, start with that assumption, and then work hard to find creative parenting solutions that will work with you and your family. However, when that is impossible, we can and we do fight for our clients and the best interests of their children in court. We handle all types of the parenting time matters for individuals that are divorcing and for parents who are not married.

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The Law Firm of Tina R. Mills, LLC, provides exceptional legal representation and personal service for all custody and parenting time issues. Call our experienced and attentive Ohio child custody lawyers at 513-732-9999 or send us an e-mail to see how we can help you.